What is Withdrawal of Funds (W-3) Certification?

Withdrawal of your monies is another form of non-compliance with the Withdrawal of Funds (W-3) Certification requirements of the Internal Revenue Service. Filing a return without first determining whether your IRS documents are current is not only not permitted, but is also an obvious error. Even after you have reviewed the IRS documentation and determined that it is current, you may still need to file additional documentation to verify your financial standing. This is when a late filer must take time to file and withdraw documents.

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Any person who owes income tax should understand the Withdrawal of Funds (W-3) Certification. Failure to do so can result in an audit and possible penalty. In some cases the last pay date on the return is too far in the future to file electronically.

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The purpose of the Withdrawal of Funds (W-3) Certification, which you must have when filing a return, is to allow the casino company to know exactly what needs to be done to get approved for the casino withdrawal coverage. Without the certification, the casino company cannot get the coverage they need for their clients.

How is this any different from a non-payment for services rendered? A business can operate without paying the required wages to its employees for years, and they will not be audited or reprimanded. But if a casino company owes income taxes and doesn’t file timely, they can be held liable. There is a system in place to make sure all taxes are paid on time.

However, there is a problem with a casino that has gotten itself into the situation where it owes non-payment to the Internal Revenue Service. It’s called Withdrawal of Funds (W-3) Certification. Without the certification, the casino company can still file its return, but it won’t be able to file until they have contacted the appropriate office to obtain a supplementalForm W-2.

Before you reach the office to do this, you need to first file the withdrawal documents for the casino withdrawal coverage. The date of this filing can vary depending on your casino withdrawal situation. Make sure you have the correct documentation before you reach the office.

When you receive the W-2 from the casino company you will need to confirm your status with the Internal Revenue Service to get approved for the withdrawal. This could take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, so be prepared.

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After you are approved to file for the casino withdrawal coverage, you can go ahead and file your return. Make sure you file the proper documents, and get the correct date of filing before you submit the withdrawal documents.

After you have filed your tax return, it’s important to go over all of the documents needed to get the casino withdrawal coverage. Check your paperwork, and make sure that everything is accurate and current.

Also, make sure that all security deposit refund checks are sent to the casino account where you deposited them. If you fail to do this, the money may be subject to seizure by the Internal Revenue Service if you are audited.

You will want to make sure you keep copies of all forms and any documents you have used to establish your casino withdrawal coverage. You also want to have any documentation that backs up any statements you have made regarding your account. This way, when you are in a casino, you can have a record of the earnings for that account that you can use to back up your story when you are asked about the casino withdrawal coverage.

The next time you play at a casino, think about how you can take the opportunity to improve your odds. As a casino player, the more likely you are to avoid any Withdrawal of Funds (W-3) Certification issues the better off you’ll be. So be sure to do everything in your power to avoid them.