How To Get A Code For the Racebook

Get a 10% kickback at the 5dimes plus 10% Racebook with the 5dimes code. Place a bet at any of the top five tracks (with money line betting) and win an extra 10%. You also get an extra 10 % to any winning, WIN ticket from the 5dimes Racebook.

The code is only for the top 5 winning tickets in each race. It is not applicable to other winnings such as jackpots, multi-race sweepstakes, etc. Use this code at any of the five top rated tracks to qualify for the bonus.

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Any win at one of the five major tracks will qualify you for the full amount. This will increase your winnings substantially. This code will not increase your chances of winning a horse race, but it does increase your odds of qualifying for a bonus. You can earn extra points for multiple selections.

Earn more than one win with the same code. You can double your chances of qualifying for your bonus by using the code at different tracks.

Not all the tracks will offer this code, so check your race program to see if they will accept your code. Most tracks are happy to accept your code, but if they do not accept your code you can try calling the track to see if they have received any other codes or asking them if you can try to redeem your code at another track.

Don’t be afraid to try and redeem the code more than once. The more times you redeem your code the better chance you have of winning. If you don’t win at first try again. Most of the time people that redeem their codes don’t win on the second time, but there are also people that win all three times that redeem their code.

You can use the same code for a number of races in the system. For instance, if you have two tickets to a race, you can use the code to redeem your first ticket for the second race and then the code for the third race. This will double your chances of winning at the second and third races.

Codes expire after one month from the date of purchase. you received the code.

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The odds of your winning your code vary by track and can also vary by the type of ticket purchased. The odds for different races are different at the same track, so try to pick a code that has the highest chances of winning.

When using this code be sure to try and pick a code that you will get every time you play. It may take you longer to find a code that will help you in a game of blackjack, but will still give you a good chance at winning. Another way to ensure that you get your code is to go through your picks with your bets. favorite bookmaker.

Do not get all the code’s in a day. Sometimes your bookmaker will not get the code in one day, even if you had your favorites code saved for that day.

If you do win the race and need to wait until next week to redeem your code you may want to change the racing lines. This will speed up the redemption process and allow you to use your code immediately. Keep this in mind when changing the betting lines.

You can use the code at just one track or all five tracks that you play at. This will help you be eligible for any bonus offered at those tracks.

You may also want to change your racing lines to better suit your situation. Many people have found that they do very well when they race against the top handicappers, while they usually do worst at low stakes and high bankrolls. There are many reasons for this and you should keep track of them.

It’s a good thing that the system will let you know when your code expires. Since it’s usually the last day of the month, it won’t take very long before you get the information you need to redeem your code.

Be sure to check the FAQ on the site before you purchase to make sure that you understand what you are getting into before purchasing a membership to the site. As a new customer you need to know what they are looking for and what is available to you as a customer.